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Basic Lesson #1 Start Saving Today.

Benefits of saving a small percent of earnings on a monthly basis over a long period of time.  Start saving today and let time value of money assist you in accumulating wealth for retirement tomorrow.
Basic Lesson #2 Benefits of Permanent Life Insurance

Did you know these facts regarding Permanent Life Insurance?  

  • Proceeds are paid out tax free to recipients
  • Cash value increases over time and accumulates tax free
  • Level investment which never increases
  • Cash value can be borrowed if needed
  • Given time value of money and tax free accumulations, increases in cash value can be significant and would be available for use at retirement


Lesson #3 Purchasing Term Life Insurance verses purchasing Permanent Life Insurance is a similar concept to renting a house verses purchasing a house.

Term Insurance - Renting a house leaves no value if you move  

  • If you move from a rented house you get no rent payments back.  Similar concept with term insurance if it expires or you stop making payments coverage ends and you have no value returned.

Permanent Insurance Purchasing a house accumulates equity over time.  

  • If you purchase a house it accumulates equity over time which if you move and sell the house you take the equity with you.  Similar to the concept of permanent insurance it accumulates cash value and if you stop making payments the cash value is returned to you.  
In conclusion, start saving today and let the time value of money assist you in accumulating wealth for retirement.  Also, learn about the benefits of permanent insurance which can provide for family security today, as well as, build a foundation of saving for retirement tomorrow.  

The first objective will be to better understanding your needs, and then to discuss the financial products available to meet your needs.

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