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Full Charge Accounting Training For Small Businesses

Training of small business bookkeepers to complete common accounting tasks: invoicing, receivables, collections, payables, credit cards, payroll, monthly bank account reconciliation and running monthly reports.
We can teach anyone with a positive attitude and who is willing to learn, how to become an efficient small business full charge bookkeeping.  

Key Benefits 

  • Save 25%- to 50% time on completing accounting tasks
  • Increase confidence to allow staff to work more independently with minimal supervision

Training Topics 

“Accounting & Administration Made Easy” Training Topics:  

Ø      Organized Office Model - “How to Efficiently Run An Accounting Office”, “Systems Working Together Obtain Efficient Results.”      

§         High Level Objectives “Financial Results” Full Charge Accounting Approach 

§         5 Tab Accounting Procedures Binder

§         8 Tab Reporting Binder

§         Practice using A&AME Custom Tools To Assist In Implementing Model

§         Items to Complete the First Week On The Job

§         Explanation of the Training Systems Index & Symbols

§         Review Questions and Quiz  

Ø      “5 Tab Accounting Binder” approach

§         Daily Task list

§         Deadlines & Reminders list

§         Procedures Document

§         Monthly Close Check Off list

§         Satisfaction Survey

§         Review Questions and Quiz  

Ø      “8 Tab Reporting Binder” Approach

§         Cushion – Cash, A/R & A/P Reports

§         Open Invoices

§         Sales Reports

§         Chart of Accounts

§         Balance Sheet

§         Income Statement

§         Budget Overview

§         Budget vs. Actual Reports & High Level Variance Analysis

§         Review Questions and Quiz

  Ø      Basic Accounting Review, Standards and General Information

§         Overview and Practice Using A&AME Custom Tools

§         Accounting Made Easy 6 Step Approach

§         Accounting Objectives Key Focus

§         5 Tips for Using Any Accounting Software Program Efficiently

§         Six Tasks Maintained By All Competent Accounting Managers

§         QuickStart Accounting Practices Supporting An Efficiency Run Office

§         Review Questions and Quiz

Ø      Accounts Payable

§         FRI’s Accounts Payable Management System (A/P in the Pipe)

§         Setting up Vendors

§         Processing Bills and Printing Checks

§         FRI’s Printing and Assembling Checks For Signing Process

§         Filing Accounts Payable

§         FRI’s Standard Process of Handling Vendor Inquiries

§         Creating Accounts Payable Reports

§         Processing Credit Card Statements

§         Preparing 1099 Forms

§         Software Questions Related To Improving Accounts Payable Efficiency

§         Review Questions and Quiz

Ø      Accounts Receivable

§         FRI’s Accounts Receivable Management System (ARMS)

§         Setting up Customers

§         Setting up Sales Items

§         Creating Invoices

§         Timely Invoicing

§         Receiving Payments and Making Deposits

§         Printing Deposit Summaries

§         Filing Accounts Receivable

§         FRI’s Standard Collections Process

§         Software Questions Related To Improving Accounts Receivable Efficiency

§         Review Questions and Quiz

Ø      Bank & Account Reconciliation

§         FRI’s Completing Monthly Bank Account Reconciliations

§         FRI’s “Monthly Close Check Off” list approach

§         Reconciling Bank Accounts in the Accounting System

§         Preparing Bank Reconciliations

§         Software Questions Related To Improving Bank Reconciliation Efficiency

§         Review Questions and Quiz

Ø      Payroll

§         Logic in Using An Outside Payroll Service

§         Processing Outside Payroll

§         Recording Outside Payroll in Accounting System

§         Software Questions Related To Improving Payroll Processing Efficiency

§         Review Questions and Quiz

Ø      Running Reports, Setting Up Budgets and Researching Transactions

§         Running Reports

§         Printing Reports

§         Filtering Reports

§         Finding Transactions

§         Setting up Budgets

§         Software Questions Related To Improving Reporting Efficiency

Ø      Backing Up the Accounting System

§         Backing Up The Accounting System

§         Review Questions and Quiz

Ø      Review Questions and Certification Examination

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