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Questions and Answers

Question: What is Full Charge Bookkeeping for Small Businesses?

Answer: It's all the accounting you need to have completed in a small business or "Complete Accounting."

  1. Estimating, Progress Billing, Assigning Costs to Jobs, Job Cost Reporting
  2. Invoicing, Receivables, Collections
  3.  Inventory Maintenance, Physical Reconciliation of Quantities
  4. Accounts Payable, Processing Credit Cards, Printing Checks
  5.  Processing Payroll, Paying Payroll Taxes, Filing Quarterly and Annual Reports
  6.  Sales Forecasting, Budget Forecasting, Monthly and Quarterly Reporting
  7.  Maintain Accounting Office, Supporting Audits and Annual Tax Filings

Question:  Why are our full charge bookkeepers so efficient at small business accounting?

Answer: It's our "BOOM" approach. Our "Bookkeeping Organized Office Model" and "Custom Tools and Templates" that makes organizing and running an accounting office easy.    

On-Line Open House

Financial Results, Inc. New Staff - "Seven Minute Open House" Video

  • New Staff and Associates "Open House Seven Minute Video'

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  1. Interest Questionnaire - Your Interests Come First

  2. Application Process - Resume Reviewed, Interest Questionnaire Completed, Typing Quiz, Letter Quiz, 10 Key Quiz, Accounting Quiz and Accounting Knowledge Quiz

  3. Training - How We Work Here, FRI's Custom Tools and Forms, Small Business Full Charge Accounting Training and QuickStart on the Job Training

We have found that having local staff available to service clients in their areas is just good business sense.  Therefore, we are welcoming new bookkeepers and associates to join our vision so they can benefit from their relationship with us in the future by being prepared in advance to work together.  
By being prepared and trained "How we work here" at Financial Results, Inc., our staff and associates can be introduced to local jobs opportunities, that meet their interests, on short notice as these opportunities become available.

Email us your questions or contact us of a "free" consultation to discuss your situation and to gain an understand your interests and concerns.


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