What is Full Charge Accounting for Small Business?

Answer: Its all the accounting tasks you need to know how to complete  in a small business. Its “Complete Accounting” that you perform yourself without others assisting you.

  1. Estimating, Progress Billing, Assigning Costs to Jobs, Job Cost Reporting
  2. Invoicing, Receivables, Collections
  3.  Inventory Maintenance, Physical Reconciliation of Quantities
  4. Accounts Payable, Processing Credit Cards, Printing Checks
  5.  Processing Payroll, Paying Payroll Taxes, Filing Quarterly and Annual Reports
  6.  Sales Forecasting, Budget Forecasting, Monthly and Quarterly Reporting
  7. Maintain Accounting Office, Supporting Audits and Annual Tax Filing.

Why will learning the “Bookkeeping Organized Office Model” (BOOM) help me to be a better full charge bookkeeper for a small business?

Answer: Because you will enjoy and have more fun working in an organized office. Because you will be more efficient and can increase your wage potential by learning the “BOOM” model and our “Full Charge Bookkeeper Training Systems.”