Our Training Makes Small Business Accounting Fun and Easy! We have the “BOOM” Model (Bookkeeping Organized Office Model)

I. Quick Start – One-on-One 1/2 Day Site Visit at Your Office

II. QuickBooks Training – 1/2 Day On Site Job Specific Training

III. Small Business Full Charge Bookkeeping Training – 3 Day Full Charge Bookkeeper Training

Small Businesses Full Charge Bookkeeper Training

Our small business bookkeeper training teaches you how to complete common accounting tasks: invoicing, receivables, collections, payables, credit cards, payroll, monthly bank account reconciliation and running monthly reports.

It is “Complete Accounting” everything you need to know from beginning to advanced made easy and fun!

Key Benefits

  • Save 25%- to 50% time on completing accounting tasks
  • Increase confidence to allow staff to work more independently
  • with minimal supervision
Our “Bookkeeping Organized Office Model” (BOOM) combined with
our “Full Charge Bookkeeping Systems” work together to achieve
incredible results.

Accounting and Administration Made Easy Training Program
How to create a 5 Tab Accounting Desk Procedures Binder
How to use FRI’s Custom Tools and Templates to setup
Back Office Organized Model
5 Tab Accounting Desk Binder:

Deadlines and Reminders
Outlined Procedures
Monthly Close Check Off List
Staff Performance Satisfaction Survey 

FRI’s Custom Tools and Templates

Directories: Base, Accounting Office Organization and Training 
Base Directory:
Tasks List
Deadlines and Reminders List
Blank Starting Point Procedures Document
Monthly Close Check Off List
Staff Performance Satisfaction Survey
Monthly / Quarterly Reporting Form
File Folder Labels Maker
Collections Letter
Starting Point Calendar
Accounting Office Organization Tools
Demonstrated in Class
Training Documents
Discussed in Class

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