Advanced Training – “Job Costing”


Getting Started
Installing the “A&AME Custom Tools” on the computer
Restoring Com-Tek (1-5)
Explanation of FRI Training System Index and symbols (to add)

Job Costing & Estimates

Working with lists
Cost of Goods Sold” accounts
Setting up job costing items
Preference setting for job costing
Verifying items are set up correctly
Creating an estimate
Progress invoicing
Assigning costs to jobs
Invoicing for reimbursable expenses
Comparing estimates to actuals

FRI’s Contractor Job Profitability Summary
FRI’s Standard Professional Invoice Format
FRI’s Zero dollar check approach for internal billable items
Remarking items as billable
Printing project reports

Time Entry & Internal Payroll

Entering time sheets
Running time reports
Invoicing for time
Setting up internal payroll
Preference setting for payroll
Working with lists – Employee list
Setting up employees

Setting up payroll items
Creating payroll checks
Running payroll reports
Adjusting payroll liabilities
Paying payroll liabilities and taxes
Preparing payroll tax deposit coupons
Filing quarterly returns

Software Setup Issues

Doing payroll with accounting software
Estimating and progress invoicing with accounting software
Tracking time in accounting software