Workshops / On-Site Training

EZWay” Bookkeeper Training Series (EZ Books) Workshop

I. Quick Start – One-on-One 1/2 Day Site Visit at Your Office

II. QuickBooks Training – How to become a successful Small Business Full Charge Bookkeeper Training

Our Training Programs will teach you how to become a great small business bookkeeper while making the process Easy and Fun! Depending on amount of training desired, select the program that best fits your needs 2, 4 and 6 day training options.

Classes run 9 4 p.m. in our computerized training lab with lunch provided. These classes are available on Tuesday and Wednesday and start a new at the beginning of each month.

Steps One, Two and Three:

Step One: First learn how to set up any office using our proven EZWay Office Model. This will give any office a foundation for good work flow and task completion. In which we can build confidence to easily perform all bookkeeping tasks needed in a small business.

Step Two: Next, learn how to use proven “EZWay” Bookkeeping Systems for each area of bookkeeping: Invoicing, receiving payment and making deposits, performing collections, entering and paying bills on time, processing credit cards, processing payroll, completing bank account reconciliations and running reports. “Becoming faster with making less errors again leading to higher billable rates and earnings.”

Step Three: Lastly, learn how to use QuickBooks easily and efficiently increasing your confidence to complete all bookkeeping tasks needed in a small office. ” The Financial Results are you get the needed bookkeeping completed and then add value by providing timely monthly reporting.”

Small Businesses Full Charge Bookkeeper Training

Our small business bookkeeper training teaches you how to complete common accounting tasks: invoicing, receivables, collections, payables, credit cards, payroll, monthly bank account reconciliation and running monthly reports.

It is “Complete Bookkeeping” everything you need to know from beginning to advanced made easy and fun!


Introduction – “EZWay” Bookkeeping Systems and Tools

5 Tab Binder and Custom Tools
How to create a 5 Tab Accounting Desk Procedures Binder

Deadlines and Reminders
Outlined Procedures
Monthly Close Check Off List
Staff Performance Satisfaction Survey 

Custom Tools and Templates

Directories: Base, Accounting Office Organization and Training 
Base Directory:
Tasks List
Deadlines and Reminders List
Blank Starting Point Procedures Document
Monthly Close Check Off List
Staff Performance Satisfaction Survey
Monthly / Quarterly Reporting Form
File Folder Labels Maker
Collections Letter
Starting Point Calendar
Accounting Office Organization Tools
Demonstrated in Class
Training Documents
Discussed in Class

Want more information about our training programs contact Michael Andrews, call our office 925-947-1005 or email us at and someone will return your contact.

Make it “EZWay” Have questions? Just ask us and we will make it EZ for you.