About Us

Introduction / History

Small Business Accounting and Software Training Experts

For the past 25 years, we have traveled around California assisting business owners in streamlining their accounting processes which results in saving time of the busy owners and their managers. 

Most offices are running below their potential for efficiency and organization.  With attention to processes and workflow performance naturally increases.

Our in the field developed and tested, “Accounting Made Easy” bookkeeping training services show how workflow planning, software system setup and training can dramatically save time and effort while maintain daily, weekly and monthly accounting tasks.

Want Easy Straight Forward Results We Can Help!

We get great satisfaction in taking the frustration out of of using accounting software programs, assisting businesses determine the best fit for their budget and needs, and over time assisting them in making the right adjustments.

  1. QuickBooks Self Employed
  2. QuickBooks Simple Start
  3. QuickBooks Essentials
  4. QuickBooks Plus
  5. QuickBooks On-Line
  6. QuickBooks Time
  7. QuickBooks Assisted Payroll
  8. QuickBooks On-Line Advanced

Friendly and Responsive to Our Customers

Direct contact to our office and 24/7 email monitoring and support services available over the weekend