FRI’s Standard Application Process for “ALL” Categories of Staff

Note: There is an important difference between Part Time and Full Time staff. FRI’s Small Business Full Charge Bookkeeping Community of staff only work part time. All Full Time bookkeepers and accountants are hired by our client’s s as their employees. FT needs require FT people, PT needs PT people. If you are a part time candidate apply at and if you are a full time candidate you should continue to apply here. Your interest questionnaire will tell us which category is best for you.

  • Category I. FRI’s PT Trained Small Business Full Charge Bookkeepers available 4 – 20 hours per week as Financial Results, Inc.’s employees billed on an hourly basis.
  • Category II. FT Direct Placement of Clerks, Bookkeepers, Accounting Managers and Controllers as the client’s employee. Once a full time candidate is carefully recruited, screened and prepared, the client will interview the candidate and hire decide if to hire them or not as their employee for a one time placement fee.

FRI’s Application and Preparation for Placement Process
The process will take 2 to 4 hours and is very much a standard interview and application process. However, it’s a great way to get to know staff, their abilities and interests.

Furthermore, we take every effort to minimize the time is takes to get candidates through the application process.

1.Watched Introductory Video  “BOOM “1 Inch Binder with 5 Tabs”
[ ] Tasks
[ ] Deadlines and Reminders
[ ] Outlined Procedures
[ ] Monthly Review Check Off List
[ ] Performance Review
[ ]  Annual Systems Operating Check Off List

2. Watched Open House Video
[ ]  Your Interest Questionnaire
[ ]  Application Process
[ ] Typing Test
[ ] Brief Letter
[ ] Excel Quiz
[ ] Accounting Quiz
[ ] Preparation for Working in Small to Midsize Businesses

3. Evaluate Resume and Cover Letter

4. Complete Interest Questionnaire
[ ] Wage Range
[ ] Region and Sector
[ ] Other Interests and Goals

5. Application Process
[ ] Typing Test
[ ] Brief Letter
[ ] Excel Quiz
[ ] Accounting Quiz
[ ] First 4 Weeks on the Job
[ ] Email #1 Method of Communicating

6. Offer Letter
[ ] When you are offered employment you will receive an offer letter

7. QuickBooks Review                                                     
[ ] 5 Tips to Using QuickBooks Efficiently
[ ] Using Icon Bar to Complete 95% of Required Tasks
[ ] Key Board Short Cuts
[ ] Creating and Saving Commonly Used Reports
[ ] Memorized Reports List and Report Groups

8. FRI QuickStart Accounting Practices                       
[ ] Six Objectives Know by Every Successful Accountant

9. Review of Other Training Needs